Can-am Rotax 200cc 250cc 350cc premix Gasket set atk SWM Portal -2

CAM030-D Gasket set Rotax engine LONG STROKE 200cc, 250cc AND 350CC Air cooled (PREMIX) Can-am SWM


Complete gasket kit  VITON CRANKSHAFT SEAL for Rotax engine   200 244,250cc and 350cc


Contains 16 parts:

  • 2 Crankshaft Seals (CAM009  and CAM009 or CAM015)
  • 1 Kickstart shaft Seal (CAM008)
  • 1 Output Shaft (Counter shaft) Seal  (CAM014)
  • 1 Rotary Valve cover Oring  (CAM010)
  • 1 Oil Level screw washer Seal  (copper) (CAM034)
  • 1 Crankcase drain screw Gasket (copper) (CAM051B)
  • 1 shifter shaft Oring (inside)  (cam038)
  • 1 shifter shaft Oring (outside)  (CAM011)
  • 1 Transmission Magnetic drain plug Gasket (fiber ) (CAM021)
  • 1 Kickstarter Stop screw Gasket (Fiber) (CAM021)
  • 1 Exhaust Gasket  (CAM029B)
  • 1 Cylinder/Cases Gasket  (CAM028B)
  • 2 Clutch cover sealing ring  (copper) (CAM034)
  • 1 Output main shaft (counter shaft) Oring (CAM036)


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Product Description

Complete gasket kit for Rotax engine 200cc,  244,250cc and 350cc



can-am,swm,portal,Moto Gori,puch,Kramer,Aprilia,CCM,Armstrong